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Harry Brown


  Hello Parents,

  I hope that this notice finds you well.  I recently added Instructional Packet #2 on our campus webpage.  Packet #2 provides instructions on how to download the Essential Learning Systems Online (ELSO) Dyslexia Computer Program for Computer Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet. 

  I want to congratulate you and your child for your efforts for downloading my online activities especially the E.L.S.O.  Program. Thank you for letting me know your child had downloaded the program and was working on lessons.  Thank you for assisting your child with the program great job!

  If your child has not started working on the Essential Learning Systems Online (E.L.S.O.)  Program, Your child needs to work on lessons 2-3 times each week for 30-45 minutes.  It is important for your child to work on these lessons to improve on skills, and for me to monitor progress.  Your child will need to log in with the Username and Password that I recently gave you.  If you need them again, send me a text, call me, or email me.  Your child can continue to work on any of the activities that have not been completed in Activity Folder #1,#2, or #3.  Any completed assignments may be sent to me by taking a picture  and sending it to my cell phone: (956) 358-5059 or email.  Thank you for your attention.


Mr. H. Brown

Dyslexia Teacher





Harry Brown

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